BEST NON TOXIC YOGA MATS – Top 5 List for 2020

One of the qualities that distinguish a quality exercise yoga mat from an ordinary one is its durability and material quality. Yoga mats are essential for practicing yoga asanas and exercising. If you are looking for the best exercise yoga mats, then here’s a list of top 5 best non-toxic yoga mats in 2020:

Gaiam Yoga Mat (Lightweight, Reversible)

Gaiam Yoga Mat is a very lightweight yet thick yoga mat. The brand is manufacturing Yoga mats from the past 25 years. This mat takes the first place in our list because this mat is durable, yet lightweight with extra thickness for the additional cushioning your joints need during any yoga session. The best thing about this mat is that it is reversible. The reversible design textured is non-slippery and blocks odor. You also get a free downloadable yoga workout on the purchase of this mat.

Details Of Gaiam Yoga Mat :

Material – non-toxic & 6p free PVC, free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP 
Weight: 3.2 pounds
Dimensions: 68 x 24 x 0.2 inches 

Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat (Natural Jute)

Ajna Yoga Mat comes on the 2nd position in our list because it’s a bit pricier than the Gaiam Mat. Unlike other yoga mats that are manufactured from harmful materials that stretch and slide, or simply deteriorate after a few uses, Ajna eco organic Natural Jute Mat is made from premium organic fibers that block the odor and sweat stains. The mat provides a durable non-slip texture and the best thing… it is 100% biodegradable. If you are health conscious and care about the lesser environmental footprint, Then invest in this mat. The mat is free from toxins and chemicals like latex, BPA, 6P phthalate, and heavy metals.

Details Of Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat:

Material – June (free of toxins like lead, cadmium, latex, phthalates, dioxins, and furans)
Weight – 4.4 pounds
Dimensions – 72 x 24 X 0.1 inches

Heathyoga Eco-Friendly (Non-Slip Yoga Mat)

Heathyoga Eco Friendly non-slip yoga mat comes in the third place in our lust because it’s a bit on the pricier side. The mat is made of the TPE, which is the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mats. No latex, PVC, or any heavy metal is used while making these mats. These wonderfully durable mats are made of SGS certified TPE material prevents slipperiness and odor, and is excellent in cushioning, unlike those mats made from cheap non-green PVC. These mats are truly eco-friendly, healthy. The best thing about this mat is that it comes with a Body Alignment System that helps you focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position, and keep the body in proper alignment.

Details Of Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat:

Material – SGS Certified TPE Material
Weight – 2.2 pounds
Dimensions – 72 x 26 x 0.2 inches 

SatoriConcept Cork Yoga Mat

Made with 100% eco-friendly & sustainable materials, SatoriConcept cork yoga mat is 100% all-natural, sustainably sourced organic cork and recyclable rubber mat. The product does not contain PVC’s, TPE’s, toxic glues, silicone, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals; it’s 100% non-toxic for the environment. Satori Concept’s innovation has built the perfect combination of the ideal thickness and weight. This makes it durable yet lighter than most extra-large yoga mats. We can say that this mat is one of the most portable anti-slip travel yoga mats to conveniently carry around all day. Whether you want to perform yoga, Pilates, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, or any exercise, this mat is just perfect for anything, anytime, and anywhere.

Details Of SatoriConcept Cork Yoga Mat:

Material – 100% Eco-Friendly Cork & Rubber
Weight – 5.5 pounds
Dimensions – 72 x 24 x 0.1 inches

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat (Premium-6mm)

The reason we have put this wonderful yoga mat on the 5th position on our list is that this mat is quite expensive and weighs more than the previous ones. The mandala PRO yoga mat is made with a high-density closed-cell material, which prevents sweat from seeping into the comfortable mat cushion. The mat has a superior joint protection, and unmatched grip and support. You can clean this mat with the help of Manduka All-Purpose Mat Wash. It’s specially designed formula to clean your mat without damaging the surface or causing slippage. 

Details Of Manduka PRO Yoga Mat :

Material – Oeko-Tex Certified, Chemical Free material
Weight – 9.5 pounds
Dimensions – 85 x 26 x 0.2 inches

Summing up

Reshape your body without the expense and hassle of a gym membership with the help of the best yoga mats. Purchase the best yoga mat according to your fitness need and budget. Stay fit, stay healthy!

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