About Us

We at The Body Essence have a love for all things health, wellness, fitness, home, and more. A passion that drove us to provide a place where we can share articles and reviews on our shared interests with our readers. We would like to think that we may not set the trend, but we sure know what we like, what works, and what’s hip. And at its core, The Body Essence is all for speaking from the heart in an informative, honest, and entertaining way that resonates with you- our readers.
The Body Essence wants to go into the world and do all the heavy-lifting (so you don’t have to). That’s why our product reviews are well researched-saving you the time and effort in finding the right products to meet your needs. Our team of experts with the experience to boot, will put various products to the test and give readers a detailed review of their experience. Putting our readers on the fast track from novice to wellness guru.
At The Body Essence, our word is our bond, and because we promised to do all the heavy lifting, we’ll also add in How-To-Guides and Informative articles. You will have everything you need to make informed decisions when picking out products and willfully sidestep Miss Post-Purchasing Dissonance and Sir Buyer Remorse.
Our primary goal is to please our readers. So if at any point you feel we are falling short of that goal, feel free to reach out to us through the comment section. Compliments and personal experiences are also welcome.
Now it’s time to cross the t’s and dot the i’s on the legal side of things:
– All reviews of products on our website are the result of comprehensive research based on scientific facts from relevant experts in the particular field.
– Our goal is to make your product buying experience easier by pointing out products we know work without you having to do all the heavy lifting research.
– We don’t make any products nor have an affiliation with any company which only makes our product reviews and informative article all the more objective.
– We are all about pleasing readers and becoming the go-to research source for finding the right product to meet a particular need.
We know we’ve thrown a lot of stuff your way.
But we hope it helps you find your way (product) and you’ll let your friends know it was us!
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